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Second day of work after the break and I'm feeling the blues already. I actually fell in the washroom at home and my right shoulder felt very sore now... like I messed it up or something. My right hand is still recovering from carrying around heavy luggage (50 pounds!) up and down train platforms (no escalator?!!). Why are taxis so expensive there? :crying:

Here are some good snaps from the vacation in Belgium, still. The last few pictures were hastily uploaded due to fatigue (sorry PuzzledHeartBox!!) ... so here are some highlights. :D I haven't gotten over the amount of fun I had!! And obviously most of the pics were taken when we were a wee bit intoxicated, I think. I have so many pictures taken in the Netherlands but I don't want to overload it all. :stare: Who would have thought that two forum regulars from two separate continents can meet and party it up, right? :la: Everything is so possible!

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Thanks thomasVanDijk for the "Free Hugs" tank top, and EternalRise for the Stephen King book!! I totally appreciate it all. :heart:


My new pair of shoes that I bought yesterday, torn apart today. Got them to the shop, and they graciously let me exchanged it with a new pair of shoes. Well that's nice... though I never had a pair of shoes that fell apart after ONE fucking day of use. I hate shoe shopping... my left foot is half a size bigger than my right, so that kinda made shopping for shoes a bit complicated. .. 

Work has been rather boring. A lot of people are on leave, so it means that it's not so hectic now. I'm just mentally stressed, if anything. :stare: I have work parties lined up on Thursday, as well as Saturday. The guy that I am seeing (let's call him J, for short), is going to Batam, Indonesia, for work this weekend. I wanted him to go to the party with me... but I guess not, then! The funny thing is, I am going to Batam the following weekend with my family to sight-see, relax, and enjoy each other's company. What a coincidence, eh? :slow:

Just on Sunday, we managed to have a quick dinner at Nando's before watching Spectre together on Monday, a couple of hours after I touched down. Got him his souvenirs and he was happy with them... well, who doesn't like fine Belgian chocolates after all? :flirty:

I am not so sure when we're gonna see each other again but eh, we're still talking to each other... and if things are going well, then I'm not gonna fret. It's just been two days without seeing each other, and I do kinda miss him. It helps that we text each other every day, still.

I am finally cured of my need for a new phone. I have been waiting for my contract to be up so that I could sign up again and get a better phone. So now my shitty Note 3 is replaced with the iPhone 6s Plus. I'm still getting used to using iOS again but so far so good. The battery managed to last me for the whole day which is quite impressive, given that my old phone requires me to recharge it at least once or twice (and I am a heavy user). This really makes me feel happy. 

My new year resolution: To eat more food at home, take fewer taxi trips, more buses and trains, save more money, and create more memories by traveling. :la: My next trip is possibly a beach vacation to somewhere closer to home, possibly Vietnam, or Philippines, or Indonesia. This is the thing about friends... that mine are mostly attached so I gotta think more independently now. It'd be nice if I have a partner to travel with, so here's hoping that J is the one, or else.. hmm, I guess the adventures and life still go on. 

PS: THIS IS ALSO A SHOUT OUT TO Shikeleostar for being such a supportive friend through the last couple of months. Thank you for listening to me whine and everything. Extra thanks for motivating me to go out and do something when I was down and felt like doing nothing. :heart: Love you so much!!

How are you guys doing? The forum seems rather quiet... and I dunno, feels so odd to go back there again. :stare:

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This cat is so lovable. I miss it. I named it Moomoo. :stare: :love:

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