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The Cock Block

Wed Jan 14, 2015, 2:49 AM
I woke up with the pain of a hangover today. Not as terrible as the one I had in early January... this one was mainly due to my not eating a proper dinner before drinking shitloads of beers and Scotch. 

To recap, my new year resolution this year, is to go out at least 4x a week and be active socially again. I realize that staying in at home makes me feel bored and unhappy, hence I needed to change this. So far, so good. It can be quite draining, sometimes, to go out after work 4x in a week, but I actually feel so much better emotionally. I smile more, laughs aplenty, and I feel so much more excited about life in general when I am out and about. :dummy:

The downside is spending more $ on taxis and alcohol, but I think that's the price to pay for happiness. I'll just cut down on other things like shopping, I suppose. 

This week, I had a date with two different men (Let's just call them Tuesday and Friday). I'm so much more interested in Friday, as my friend introduced him to me, and he seems like the kind of guy who suits me best... our sense of humor is very similar, and it doesn't hurt that he's tall, fit, and Scottish (and he is also a resident here, so that is PERFECT). (Damn, the Scottish accent is just so FREAKING ADORABLE.) :flirty:

However, last night I was on a date with Tuesday. I didn't feel like going, as I had to entertain my client prior to the date, drinking 4 pints of beer by the time 5pm arrived. At 7pm, I took a taxi to see him - he arrived earlier. I wasn't keen on him at first, because I felt like Friday would be a better match - sense of humor-wise. But Tuesday was sweet enough to open the door for me while I was waiting for taxi change. I like little acts of chivalry like this... just perfect. :lol: 

He was hungry, and I was doing my best to look respectable and dignified after 5 pints, so we went for dinner. Drank some more, and I was quite bloated by then, so I could only manage a few bites of my rigatoni alla buttera. We had a good time, chatting about our lives, and I thought he was quite a funny man, and a very good listener. He knew how to carry a proper conversation - listening when he needs to, and talking just at the right time.

(I wonder if it's due to our professions - both of us are in sales, though I'm in advertising, and he's in business consultancy, so if anything, communication skills are a must.)

So it was a great surprise that he was quite a great date. Like I said, I wasn't really keen to go for this one since I was too excited about Friday, so I went in, just being my usual self. Not like I was faking it, but I'm at my most natural self - chain-smoking while drinking. joking around, acting like he was just one of my buddies, and share war stories etc. Not the usual first date behavior for me, since I would normally hold back on the chain-smoking part and try not to laugh too hard etc. This felt so natural, like we had been friends for so long. Nothing awkward at all. Strangely nice. I felt so innocent. 

So when we had our after-dinner drinks at a whisky place, I was quite pleasantly surprised when he suggested that we do some whisky tasting. I thought he'd just get us a drink and that's it.. him being a young guy and all. I took the Japanese one, and he took the Irish. Him talking about his trips to Africa and Russia, and him being 30, does make us relate to a lot of things... silly things like tripping when drunk, and overbaking under the sun in Thailand. After a Negroni and an Old-Fashioned, we called it a night. 

He graciously took my offer to drop him off to his apartment, since it was close, and I had to go home to the other side of Singapore. In the taxi, he held my hand and it felt nice. No, he didn't try to put my hand on his cock like some jerks would, and yeah, it felt nice. When we reached his apartment, he kissed me and he was a good kisser - not too rough, not too weak - just right. I was quite happy then. When the taxi took off, I noticed that little pep in his step when he walked away. Kinda made me smile like a little girl. It's a nice change from horndogs trying to get me to his home on a first date... and yeah, it was quite cool. :lol: 

I went for the date with zero expectations, but now I am glad that I did. :)

Maybe it's a good thing to not go for dates with expectations. I am more than excited about Friday, as I really think that he's got a similar personality to mine, but who knows? It's just two days away, and maybe I should just be myself... and hey, I might just surprise myself again. After all, if I need to always be self-conscious about myself, it could be draining too. And if he likes me the way I am, then it's way better than having to change things that I am not ready to work on just yet. Hmm..

So yeah, Tuesday was an unexpected great date. He was genuine, natural and actually showed interest in what I had to say and it didn't feel like he was trying to please me. Maybe it's because he isn't one of the typical jerk dates that I have who expects me to put out too soon. I dunno; I am so used to guys wanting to date me, just because they want to fuck me and bait me accordingly. It's always mind games. 

Maybe there is a hope in men, after all. I am happy with this. I hope Friday is the same or better. Friday has a better sense of humor, and I dunno... since he's my friend's friend and he really, really seems like a good man, I have more "faith", somehow?

Ah well, this is bliss. :heart: I am just happy that I just met a guy who actually behaves well and not a total bore / a total jerk. It's just awesome.

And oh, NEW MANICURE!! :la:

Pink Manicure by nosugarjustanger




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