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how busy I am

Fri Sep 1, 2017, 7:23 AM

I kinda hate it when people say that they're "busy", like other people aren't busy and that their time matters more. I think it's all about what we prioritise most and as I learn, we do have to give up a lot of things due to time limitation. So no, I am not "busy" and I don't tell people that I am busy, because I MAKE TIME for the things I wanna make time for.  I just have very limited time after deducting the time needed for responsibilities that I cannot shift. Obviously dA isn't the top of my list now. Ask me when I was 15-22/23 and I was here on dA for at least 8-10 hours a day. And now I am down to 15-30 minutes each week? 

Here is my usual weekday schedule.

7am - wake up
8-9am - bus to work
9-7/8pm - work
8-9pm - gym
9-9.30pm - train to home
9.30-10.30pm - dinner at home
10.30-12pm - resting / Netflix / away from screens 

I literally have just 1.5 hours to myself. I consider my time at the gym to be my own "ME-TIME" and I don't want to give that up. I go to the gym at least for 4-5x a week. (3 weekdays + 1/2 weekend days). The two days that I do not go to the gym (mainly Wednesday and Friday) on the working week, I use that extra hour to rest more, and help my boyfriend to cook or do laundry, or have "date night" with my boyfriend. His working hours are shorter than mine - he's usually done by 5pm or 6pm, and be home by 6/7pm. So I am thankful that he's fine with cooking for us dinner, for most days. I do the dishes, of course. I wish that my working hours are shorter, but hey, we cannot have it all. In Singapore, people do work long hours. 

That being said, I am learning a lot in my current company, and I am enjoying the experience so far, so I do not feel like the hours were that "long" - in fact, I wish there were more hours in a day! So much work to do - I am glad that my amazing gym is just across the road from the office, so that I'd force myself to finish work as soon as I can, so that I can blow off steam at the gym and sweat a little. :stare:

Weekends are sacred time. I use the two days that I have, to do some housework, work out, spend quality time with my love, and our own "time" to do what we love. Obviously we have our own interests; him being photo-editing, designing, photography and working on our travel website (, and for me, I kinda get into online shopping, reading about food, drinks, fitness, and it's just our time to be with our "hobbies".

I really try my hardest not to plan anything for long hours on the weekends. I catch up with friends when I am able, probably 1-2x a month? Otherwise, it's FB, Instagram, Whatsapp... I dunno how I used to meet up with my friends like 2-3x a week, but I guess my working hours were shorter, and I was single and had no fitness inclination whatsoever, so all those times were me socializing... or on dA. Even now, I still read the things people send/reply to me on dA while I am on train/bus etc; I just do not have enough time to respond to all. :depressed: Now, with added responsibilities, longer working hours, and a boyfriend, I know now, that it is impossible to do everything. 

Priorities are everything.

I have given up these things:

1) Drinking with my friends 3-4x a week. 
2) Attending "live gigs"? I love live performances and would go at least once a week? Now I hardly do so... :(
3) dA to a great extent. 
4) Shopping at the malls. Now I do online shopping.
5) Eating out 2-3x a week in fancy restaurants. Fitness goals and wanting to save more money, do not allow me this luxury. Hence more cooking at home.
6) Writing. I am too lazy to make time for it. I could have done it in the weekend, but I feel like being lazy, and just catching on the naps or something. 
7) Meeting bullshit friends. I literally pick and choose the people I want to spend time with, and cut off a lot of my fair-weathered friends meet-ups, cuz meh, I rather use the hours with people that I give a shit about. 

I really miss having an extra 3-4 hours a day to do the things that I truly love. But time is finite. So we have to make the best out of it. I can imagine that motherhood would make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to do everything that I do now, too. :stare: But I am not a mother yet so I guess I am going to enjoy the time now to its maximum. :eager:

How do you spend your hours? It'd be interesting to learn more about each other. :)

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